Private clients of American Money Management, LLC (AMM) include individuals, trusts, retirement plans and corporations.  Our primary focus is to build and manage a customized portfolio suited to each client’s unique situation. Regardless of client objective, every portfolio is guided by AMM's principles of portfolio management.

Principles of Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management
1.  Provide a Fiduciary Standard of Care: We act as fiduciaries on all client portfolios.  The fiduciary standard of care requires that          we put our clients interests ahead of our own at all times.

2.  Remain Objective: We are an independent, fee-based advisory firm.  Our only incentive is to generate favorable results for our   
     clients.  When client portfolios increase, we are rewarded with a pay raise; when portfolios decline, we take a pay cut.

3.  Diversify: We believe in diversification to reduce overall portfolio risk.  However, we also believe in selectively exploiting asset 
     class opportunities.  In addition to stocks and bonds, most AMM clients periodically have exposure to non-traditional asset     
     classes like commodities, emerging market bonds, long-short strategies, etc.

4.  Be Proactive: We practice an active portfolio management methodology.  Holding periods for client investments may be as short 
     as a few weeks or as long as a client's time horizon allows.
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