Strategic Dividend Strategy
The primary objective of the Strategic Dividend Strategy is to generate a high level of cash flow from a portfolio of high quality, dividend paying stocks, which will be selected on the basis of both dividend payout and the investment team’s assessment of underlying business quality. Additionally, companies selected will generally have a proven history of increasing dividends paid to shareholders.  The portfolio manager will seek to purchase stocks when they are trading at a discount to fair value, providing an additional margin of safety along with upside potential.  The strategy is offered as a standalone portfolio or may be included as a “sleeve” in an investor’s broader portfolio allocation (including bonds and other diversifying assets). Investors in this strategy must be willing to accept the risks associated with stock investing, including periods of downside portfolio volatility, and should have a minimum 3 year investment time horizon.

Growth Strategy
The primary objective of the AMM Growth approach is the risk adjusted long-term appreciation of capital.  Our research methodology allows us to construct the core of the portfolo with equity investments that meet our high standards.  Unlike many growth-oriented portfolios, however, we will periodically venture into alternative asset classes like commodities, emerging market debt, long-short strategies and real estate investment trusts.  We believe that tactical allocation to such instruments can help reduce portfolio volatility and generate more consistent long-term returns.

Growth & Income Strategy
The primary objective of the AMM Growth and Income approach is the risk adjusted long-term appreciation of capital, but in a more conservative fashion and with less volatility than might result from the process we follow in our Growth strategy.  In managing these more conservative accounts, we generally invest in both equity and fixed income instruments that we believe are both timely and reasonably priced.  The equity/fixed income mix varies from time to time based on our view of market conditions.

Current Income Strategy: Tax-free or Taxable 
The AMM Current Income Strategy is designed for investors who seek current income.  The objective is to produce an ongoing income stream from dependable debt (e.g. bonds) and equity securities (e.g. stock).  The emphasis is on providing a reasonable level of current income.  Investors should be willing to assume the risk inherent in changing interest rates and reasonable market fluctuation in order to achieve current yield requirements.

Retirement Income Strategy
The AMM Retirement Income Strategy is different from our other conservative tax-free and income-oriented accounts.  The primary objective is to generate high current monthly income and growth of income from a broadly diversified portfolio of securities.  The selection focus is on investments with an ability to provide high dividends and distributions to our clients over time.  These may include dividend paying stocks, closed-end mutual funds, bonds and investment trusts.  This strategy is for investors willing to accept the market risks associated with income-oriented securities in return for high current cash flow.
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