At American Money Management, LLC (AMM), our primary objectives are first to preserve capital and, second, to make it grow.  The first and most important decision is asset allocation: we need to determine what percentage of your portfolio should be in stocks, bonds cash, etc., in light of your financial condition and goals and in view of current and anticipated market conditions.  Once that decision is made, we select suitable investments within the selected asset classes.
Our investment decision-making process involves the following highly disciplined top-down approach to portfolio management.
1. MacroAnalysis
Assess the impact on industries and companies of various macro-economic elements (ie., demographics, economic trends, monetary and fiscal policy, etc.)
2. Sector & Asset Class Focus
Narrow our focus to sectors, industries, asset classes and geographic areas that should benefit from current macro-economic conditions.
3. Security Screening
Search for high quality investment in the desire market sectors.
4. Security Selection
Buy a diversified portfolio of securities that pass our rigorous selection criteria.
5. Portfolio Monitoring
Repeat above process and make portfolio adjustement as warranted.
We generally (but with exception we deem appropriate) make portfolio management decisions based on the above approach.  We are confident that over a three to five year time horizon (i.e. a complete business cycle), our disciplined, top-down approach will lead to excellent investment results for our clients.
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