American Money Management, LLC (AMM) is an SEC registered investment adviser, managing assets for private and institutional clients nationwide.  At AMM, we are committed to upholding the rigorous regulations of our industry and maintaining our own high business standards.
About AMM
Since our founding in 1999, we have maintained a steady focus on preserving and growing our clients capital.  Based on the value investing discipline, we have developed a variety of investment strategies to meet the needs of our clients for consistent, committed investment management.  With our unique investment philosophy, it is our belief that patient, long-term investors will enjoy positive results with limited risk. 

With so many investment alternatives available to investors today, we understand the importance of developing strong, lasting relationships with our clients.  At AMM, we strive to provide confidence, financial guidance and portfolio management expertise while staying focused on our main objectives: to protect and grow your assets.

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SEC Registered Investment Advisor